How hot sauce makes you capable of coping with anything

Super hot sauce is like a superhero.

You may think we’re exaggerating (if only slightly) because that’s what we do. But, we’re not making this up, hot sauces have a crazy range of powers you just won’t find elsewhere in your daily life.

And, you can harness some of these powers for good or evil (depending, of course, whether you’re a good witch or a bad one).

If you’re outstanding, you’ll be able to convince people that they’re on fire. But, that gets into territory we don’t totally want to wade into. Instead, we’d prefer to steer towards a skill you’ll learn the minute you fall in love with the super Scoville rush.

That’s the ability to talk yourself through any challenge, of course. Once you get it right, you can apply it to every area of your life for sweet, stress-free bliss.

See? Superhero.

You’re not really on fire (it’s all in your imagination)

Let’s look at it this way, hot sauce doesn’t literally set your tongue on fire. It feels like it, yes. You might even half-believe it because the pain is that real. Somehow you might also feel better being brought to your knees by the fire you just swallowed rather than the mix of vegetables and vinegar you actually consumed.

Here’s what really happens. There’s a compound called capsaicin found in chili peppers, and it interacts with pain sensors in your mouth (and, well, anywhere on your body that they come into contact with). Specifically, capsaicin connects with the pain sensors your body keeps on hand in case you’re accidentally set alight (or you lived during the Inquisition).

Capsaicin essentially fools your brain into believing you’re very truly on fire. The fact that you’re not is of no consequence; in your mind, you are, so you are. And along with all the burning bits, you’ll get the rush of endorphins your brain believes you need to cope.

The way to get through any super hot sauce tasting is to remember it’s all mental. You can easily downplay the pain if you take the time to talk yourself through it. Remember, it’s not real. Your taste buds haven’t been scorched. You don’t need to go to the ER. It’s all in your imagination.

Think about that for a second.

The pain, the stress, the fire – they feel so real when you have even the smallest smidge of super hot sauce on a toothpick. But, they’re not, and you can talk yourself through the entire experience.

Hrm. Doesn’t that sound like a skill you wouldn’t mind having and using in countless other areas of your super stressful life?

What if all you needed is the ability to talk yourself through things?

And, since super hot sauce gives you the practice you need to get it right, we’re calling it a superpower. Taking it further, it’s easy to assign superhero status to super hot sauces.

Make the most of the insane hot sauce high

At the very least, if you’re overstressed (like most people), you’re going to find a lot of relief in the hot sauce high.

Typically, the burn lasts a mere 10 minutes (though it’ll feel like an eternity at first), but the feel-good sensations accompanying endorphin release fill hours of space and time. Even if you can’t get your head around your brain’s ability to talk yourself through anything, you can definitely enjoy the serotonin holiday, right?

Either way, you’ll be able to cope with just about anything, except when you’re really on fire.

Ready to test it out for yourself?

Get your hands on a bottle of super hot sauce or, better still, a super powerful extract to give it a try.. There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself dousing every meal with this hellish bliss.

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