How to use hot sauce to lose weight

A lot of people have goals to lose weight at the start of a New Year, which is sometimes revisited as we approach the summer months.

Truly getting in better shape, however, takes some willpower and some hard work. As any health expert will tell you, you need to cut down on your portions, eat healthier, and exercise more. But could hot sauce be the secret ingredient to dropping those extra pounds fast? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that, but there is something to be said about getting more items from the hot pepper scale in your diet.

While unfortunately hot sauce isn’t the magic fix to weight loss, it is a tool you can use to control how much you eat.

In the past, researchers have found that people who incorporate more hot peppers into mealtime end up feeling fuller. It makes sense that when you brain thinks you’re already full, you aren’t inclined to keep eating more. It’s also thought that capsaicin, the compound found naturally in hot peppers, helps you break down fat and burn more energy. While eating too much of anything is probably not so healthy, hot peppers are thought to slightly speed up your metabolism. Of course, you still need to eat fewer calories and burn more off every day, which is probably why not feeling so hungry that you overindulge helps. It’s also thought using hot sauce trains you to eat slower, and when you eat slower you sometimes end up with better eating habits overall.

It surely doesn’t hurt, either, that the peppers in hot sauce are naturally packed with vitamins and minerals.

Peppers are also low in fat and low in calories. Add all these benefits together, and you may just be on the track to better health, and potentially even a healthier weight, too.

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