Is Hot Sauce the Secret to Happiness?

If you’ve gotten in the habit of watching Ted Talks, the one thing you’ve definitely learned is that you’re doing it all wrong.

Now, these talks aren’t there to make you feel that way; they’re created to inspire you to do better or work harder or think about life in a new way. But the common theme is that you’re doing it wrong.

It's not just you, of course; it’s most of us.

One of the popular themes in these (and similar) talks is happiness. When it breaks this ultra-large topic down into smaller chunks, you’ll find sub-themes relating to why we should be happy, why we’re not happy, how we can learn to be happy, and, failing that, how to fake it until we make it.

So, not only are we doing it wrong, we’re not happy about it.

Cue Mad Dog super hot sauce into the scene.

Whether you like super hot sauces or not, they have the power to make you happy. (And, if we’re to believe the talks, that has the power to make you more successful.)

Inside every drop of Mad Dog hot sauce – and inside the flesh of every chili pepper that makes them, you’ll find capsaicin. This compound interrupts the sensors your body uses to indicate you’re on fire. Once that happens, you can expect a fair amount of pain, followed by a rush of endorphins and dopamine. It’s what your brain does when it believes your body is under physical attack, you see.

Better still, the effects of the happy hormone release last a hell of a lot longer than the pain of sipping some Mad Dog super hot sauce.

So, yes, Mad Dog has the power to make you happy. And, that might just change the way you see the world. It might just give you the motivation you need to do things differently and be happy about it every step of the way.

Why not give it a try? Perhaps it’ll set you on the course to your very own Ted Talk about happiness – or some other incredible idea that changes the world.

Get more Mad Dog today.

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