Is it a good idea to snack before bedtime?

You probably know some people who never snack before bedtime and some who don’t give it a second thought.

So, what’s the best choice when it comes to late night snacking? It turns out, it may matter less when you eat, but what you eat. Some people probably need a snack later in the evening. If dinner is too early, or you often go to bed late at night, you may find your stomach growling at the time many other people turn down for the night. You may also wake up in the middle of the night with hunger pains.

In this case, you’re probably not eating enough food to get you through to breakfast time.

Some people actually want to gain weight, or they’re very active during the day. If this describes you, it may take some extra nutrients to help your body grow and recover. People who have trouble controlling their blood sugar may also need a late night snack. On the other hand, if you’re just eating out of boredom of for something to do while watching TV, you may want to rethink if you’re actually hungry at all. Eating a large meal late at night can sometimes make it harder to sleep.

Here’s where what you eat, not necessarily when you eat, really matters. Sugary foods may make you make it harder to sleep, while foods high in fat may give you indigestion. Healthy snacks like yogurt, nuts and fruit can help put an end to hunger pains, without impacting your sleep. Finally, spicy foods are great options, but perhaps not too late at night. If you can’t stay away from spicy foods, try eating them earlier in the day and evening. The great thing about spicy food is it fills you up, so you may be less likely to even have those late night cravings.

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