Gourmet Hot Sauce - The Gift That Spices it Up


Tired of wrapping up boring gifts like chocolates and useless gadgets?

Looking to spice it up?

Look no further than a bottle (or ten) of our gourmet hot sauce. We’ve got endless options of spicy products to help you find the perfect gift for the chili lover in your life.

You can’t go wrong with the classic Mad Dog 357, but if you can’t pick just one bottle, don’t worry. We’ve got a solution for indecisive people just like you. A gift pack of hot sauces so fiery, we say they’re straight outta hell. But don’t worry, your friend will think you’re anything but evil after sending them these four stellar sauces.

For the pal that can’t be caught without a dose of heat, check out the Mad Dog 357 minis. While they’re sure cute to look at, don’t make the mistake of thinking these lil’ guys are mild. The sauce in these bottles clocks in at 357,000 SHU. That’s enough to keep your friendship from going cold. And since sharing is caring, buy a bottle for yourself while you’re at it.

If your recipient likes their peppers whole rather than sauced, we’ve got you covered. Wrap them up one of our killer chili pepper pod packs for a heat that comes with endless possibilities. Add a bit of reaper to a pot of chili or chop up some Naga Morich for an out of this world margarita. No matter why type of chili pepper you choose, you’ll surely add some heat to whatever occasion you’re celebrating

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