Mad Dog Asks You to Stay Safe Out There

At Mad Dog HQ, we’re committed to making the world’s hottest hot sauces – and ensuring you can enjoy every drop.

We don’t know what you do. But, most of you probably don’t spend your days and nights preparing for a viral pandemic.

Of course, we do live in a world of preppers, so maybe you do.

Whatever you do, for fun or for work, we’re all in this together now. COVID-19 is the reality we’re facing for the near future. And whether you’re on the front lines or holed up at home trying to stop the spread to protect healthcare workers and the lives they’re trying to save, we’re here with you.

We’re going to keep doing what we do, making stupidly hot and decadent sauces, crafting recipes that make the most of each one, and bringing you a little tongue in cheek humor when you need a time out (from the rest of the world – or just your family).

Though hot sauce may not be front of your mind at the moment, it can help with reality checks or recipes for your meals. And, we encourage you to share your Mad Dog photos and videos with us and your friends; you never know who might enjoy a bottle of hot sauce during this time.

Above all, we ask you to stay safe. For us, that usually means reminding you that our hot sauces and extracts offer an impressive heat that shouldn’t be toyed with. Hopefully, you’ll do that; we already know you’re good at hand-washing; every chili head is.

And, if you need to stock up your super hot sauces, head over to our online store and get more Mad Dog today!

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