Make the most of winter with Mad Dog

Winter. Some people love it. Some loathe it.

Either way, there’s no denying that winter and Mad Dog super hot sauces go hand in hand.

Real chili heads live for the days when hot sauce sweats warm you from the inside rather than exacerbating oppressive heat from the summer sun. Okay, we like that too, but there’s something magical about super hot sauces in winter that you’re just not going to get during the summer months.

And, it’s true all winter long.

Battle winter blues with super hot sauce

Yes, there’s such a thing as winter blues, and they start creeping in on your psyche as soon as temperatures dip and the skies become filled with an omnipresent gray covering.

One of the best ways to beat those pre-winter blues is already tucked into your favorite bottles of super hot sauce. Capsaicin, the stuff that makes you sweat, has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms of mild depression – which is exactly what the winter blues are.

Of course, being the chili head you are,  you’ve probably never experienced this, even when you live in the coldest, grayest areas of the world. When those around you are in the full swing of wintertime blues, you’re probably singing out loud. At the very least, you’re dancing around the room, waiting for your hot sauce high to kick in.

Keep colds away with a little Mad Dog each day

It’s the vitamin C. It’s the capsaicin. It’s the antioxidants. Whatever it is, you’re likely to find that Mad Dog super hot sauces do an excellent job of combatting the common cold, keeping you on your game all winter long.

You might just people one of those people who get to fake sickness for a day off of work rather than really having to spend the day in bed. It’s just one of the bonuses of becoming a bona fide chili head.

The best reason to be a chili head in winter

Of course, the best thing about winter is the food. Soups, stews, casseroles, roasts. Slow-cooked, flavor-rich recipes are what winter is really all about. While Mad Dog super hot sauces go well with most foods, there’s no denying the power of mixing Mad Dog with winter dishes.

Does this put us in the category of people who love winter?

Not necessarily.

But, as chili heads, we do it better than most.

Ready to up your winter game?

You know what you need to do, right?

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