Mississippi Loves Its Hot Sauce


Mississippi Loves Its Hot Sauce

As lockdowns became the norm, food delivery services found themselves felt the fiery rush of increased orders. Uber Eats, just one of those providers, took some time to consider the special requests of customers in 35 states.

What they uncovered when counting the most common special requests may surprise you. Many delivery diners requested restaurants and fast food establishments to leave the guacamole off their meals. Extra dressing is another popular ask.

And, we’re a little appalled that folks in Wyoming most commonly wanted their meals without jalapeños. Say what? Jalapeños are such deliciously mild chili peppers that we can only assume that they had hotter options sitting in their fridge. You know, peppers they didn’t want to go to waste.

But we’re here to give a shout out to Mississippi.

Uber Eats diners in this state are perhaps the most discerning of the bunch with calls for extra hot sauce taking the top spot for special requests. Now, we don’t know where these diners order from, or what kind of heat those establishments offer. Still, we think it’s probably the best special request you could have on any order, barring dessert. It’s definitely wiser than ditching jalapeños.

Now that we know Mississippi is in our good books, it’s time to turn our attention to you. We’d love to know what your special requests are when you order in. Or are you more of a make-it-yourself sort of hot sauce lover?

Are you looking for hotter than hell food you can make with all the fire Mad Dog super hot sauces can pack inside of each bite? If the answer is yes, as we all know it will be, have you taken a look at the Mad Dog recipe blog?

We’ve got all the recipes you’re looking for, from guacamole to the tacos you’d put it on. From burning summer treats to wild winter warmers, you’ll find a dish you’ll never be able to live without.

Or, stick to ordering from meal delivery services. And, do yourself a favor, order like you live in Mississippi. Either way, whether your meals are delivered or cooking yourself, Mad Dog makes the most of it. Be sure you’ve always got some on hand.

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