More Proof That Chili Peppers Help You Live Longer

Recently, Harvard Medical School published the summary of research completed at the end of 2019 that shows chili peppers could very well be the secret to a longer, healthier life (in a world without fast-spreading pandemics).

For more than eight years, over 22,000 people and their diets were analyzed to see whether eating chili peppers at least four times a week would experience significant health benefits.


The results definitely find in favor of chili peppers.

People who consume chili peppers four or more times per week are one-third less likely to die of heart disease than those that don’t.

And, get this, that statistic stands regardless of diet. Whether you’re after a super healthy Mediterranean or vegan diet or you’re indulging yourself wherever and whenever possible, eating those chili peppers will help protect you from heart disease.

Sure, it won’t give you complete protection (almost nothing can). But it’s a hell of a start no matter how you dice it (or chop it or slow cook it).

The short post from Harvard Medical School continues to report that capsaicin, the stuff that makes you sweat, cry and feel like your mouth will melt is actually great at combatting inflammation. It’s also known to break down plaque in your arteries.

What does this mean for you?

It’s time to pump up your diet with loads of chili peppers and hot sauces. Your body will probably also appreciate a break from junk food too – especially if you’re aiming for a healthy heart. But, eating more chili peppers is a great start. It’s also something we can help you with.

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