Non-alcoholic drinks that are high on flavor and spice

Hot peppers are a great addition to many types of food

But have you ever heard of adding some extra heat to your drink? There are some interesting concoctions on the market that mix the heat commonly found in hot peppers with liquid refreshment.


One of them is called SpritzIsh. It comes from Ish, a Danish company that makes alcohol alternatives like canned cocktails, spirits, and non-alcoholic wines. The drink has a somewhat bitter citrus flavor thanks to some of its ingredients, including mandarins, lemons, and oranges. It also, however, brings in the flavoring of capsicum extract. It delivers a spicy hit of flavor you probably aren’t expecting in a drink. SpritzIsh also contains cinnamon and a plant called quassia.


The same company also makes something called GinIsh. Like SpritzIsh, GinIsh also contains capsicum extract. You may be able to make out some of the citrus flavoring and the juniper berries. The drink is non-alcoholic, but it delivers what the company describes as a classic gin flavor.

The Saskatoon

If that’s not your idea of refreshing, you can try a bottled cocktail that reportedly comes with a black pepper kick. The Saskatoon is made by a company called For Bitter For Worse. The cocktail gets its names from saskatoon berries, which look similar to blueberries but have almost a nutty flavor. The drink also contains things like apple cider vinegar, bitter orange peel, rhubarb root, and perhaps even more interesting, foraged Douglas fir needles.

Make your own

If you don’t find exactly what you want already on the market, you can try spicing up your own non-alcoholic cocktail with something from the hot pepper scale. People often use a dash of hot sauce to give their drinks more flavor. If you want the burning sensation of alcohol, without the alcohol, you can infuse your drink with jalapenos or cayenne peppers,

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