Reduce Your Anger Levels Fast!

Ever feel like steam will erupt from the top of your head as it does in cartoons?

Hopefully, you don’t feel like this too often because this feeling is most often associated with pure anger. But, everyone has those moments when they’re so mad they could hit something.

While a punching bag can sometimes release that steam, it’s not always an option. (Incidentally, actually hitting someone is NEVER an option.) Usually, there isn’t something healthy to hit at shopping centers and office blocks (where you tend to need the release most).

But, if you keep a bottle of super hot sauce close, you can release that anger quickly.

A Drop of Hot Sauce Is All It Takes

Several things occur physically when you introduce capsaicin into your system. It will feel like your mouth is on fire. Then your forehead will begin to sweat. You might experience hiccups… or worse.

All of this should distract you from your anger for a minute… actually about 10 minutes.

During this time, you will likely be taking giant deep gulps of air. That’s a coping mechanism (and also helps to keep the drooling at bay). As you know, you’re supposed to stop a take a few breaths to calm yourself down. So, that’s a bonus.

And then?

Then your brain will have released a massive dose of serotonin to help you cope with your pain. And, it’s difficult to be simultaneously happy and angry. These are conflicting emotions, and your brain doesn’t like dealing with dichotomies. Since it’s ordered the release of the happy hormones, your brain will opt for happiness.

All you need is a single drop of super hot sauce (might we recommend the original Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce for this purpose?). Why not try it out next time someone makes you want to scream? You’ll be ever so happy you did… quite literally.

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