Some People Needed Hand Washing Tutorials; Not Hot Sauce Lovers

A month or two ago, something new hit your social media channels.

No, it wasn’t the COVID-19, but it was a spin-off from the pandemic sweeping the globe.

Hand washing videos suddenly became a thing.

Rock stars recorded videos depicting proper handwashing techniques while singing their hit songs. Morning talk show hosts (which now many more people have time to watch) began showing us all how it was done.

Wash your hands remains somewhere near the top of the list of things you should be doing to protect yourself from COVID-19.

We don’t need to dive into the question of how many people learned to tie their shoes decades before they properly managed to wash their hands independently (though that’s a scary thought indeed).

Instead, we need to point out that Mad Dog lovers definitely know how to wash their hands, no tutorials needed. All it took was a single drop of our super hot sauce on their hands and then a dash to the bathroom.

Maybe it wasn’t even Mad Dog hot sauce. It could have been fresh chili peppers from the garden that they sliced before adding to a pot of food. Later that night, when it was time to remove contact lenses, the importance of handwashing and wearing gloves became apparent.

We could give you a million different examples, but we don’t want to get too graphic.

Instead, we’d like to offer a suggestion.

Any time you head out to get supplies or come into contact with something or someone potentially carrying COVID-19, drop a small amount of Mad Dog super hot sauce on your hands. Then start washing. Wash until the burn disappears, then wash some more. Keep washing until you feel safe to use the bathroom.

And, since we know you’re not into wasting a single drop of your favorite Mad Dog hot sauces, try staying in like everyone is telling you to do.

Don’t worry, we can still send more Mad Dog to your home so you can continue to live life to the hottest during this period of social isolation. We know you need it more than ever.

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