The possible connection between chili peppers and reduced mortality

New research suggests...

Eating chili peppers may just help you prolong your life when it comes to fighting off certain major health problems. The study found a possible connection between chili peppers and lower all-cause, cancer, and cardiovascular-related mortality. Findings from the research were recently published in the American Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Scientists involved in a series of studies found regularly eating chili peppers seemed to significantly lower these specific types of mortality.

Other studies...

Have already laid out the framework for the connection between chili peppers and reduced all-cause mortality. They credit the capsaicin found in chili peppers, or rather the compound in the peppers that makes them so hot. Doctors say capsaicin potentially has some heart protective effects. It also seems to help with weight reduction, and it may have some anti-tumor producing effects. In the four studies profiled from around the world, researchers found a link between a higher consumption of chili peppers and a reduction in the risk of cancer-related, cardiovascular-related and all-cause mortality.

While the research is encouraging

Scientists maintain there wasn’t enough data to come up with a recommendation of how much, or how many, chili peppers people would need to consume. Researchers say they need more studies to understand the possible health benefits of chili peppers, as well as to better understand the amount, frequency and type of chili peppers needed to produce optimal results. Still, the findings could be progress. At the minimum, it’s another reminder that chili peppers are already packed with health benefits, and the list of health benefits could likely get even longer in the future. That’s, of course, good news if you enjoy the taste of chili peppers on the hot pepper scale. Not only do you get the extra flavor, but perhaps some extra health benefits, too.

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