What not to forget on your next IKEA trip


It doesn’t have to be IKEA

It could be the outlet malls tucked just far enough away from you that you don’t make the trip every other weekend, but close enough that you plan one every now and then. So, IKEA, outlet stores, or [insert your day-long shopping trip here].

The destination isn’t important for our purposes. It’s what you need to bring with you that counts.

And, yes, that’s hot sauce.

Why wouldn’t it be?

You’re going to want it when it’s time to stop for lunch. We’re not saying Swedish meatballs inherently need a little extra fire, though they totally benefit from it as you’ll see from our twist on the classic recipe. But, if you grab a hot dog, you know you need a hot sauce hotter than you’ll get at any of these shopping destinations.

Either way, it’s safest if you tuck a bottle of hot sauce in your bag or the glove box of your car or wherever you can grab it easily on your way into the shop (or, shops, as the case may be).

A little something else you shouldn’t forget…

While you’re thinking about that bottle of hot sauce, before you climb in the car, take a moment to review your overall hot sauce needs. That means, canning supplies (cause you’ve got a huge harvest on your hands), a lunchbox because you can’t get anything hot enough near your office and you’re just plain sick of it – and it means a few new planters for your chili plants (because they deserve center stage most of the time.

Whatever it is that you need for your chili peppers from your next shopping trip, add it to a list before you leave. And don’t forget to pack your Mad Dog at the same time. It’ll make all the difference to your day.

Need a travel-sized Mad Dog you can carry with you anywhere?

Of course, we’ve thought of that. We’re constantly making it easier for you to satisfy your super hot sauce needs. Just be sure to order before heading out on your next IKEA trip.

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