Why men love spicy food


If you just can’t get enough of spicy food, you’re not alone.

Lots of men seem to love extremely hot food, and sometimes the hotter the better. We can’t exactly blame them. After all, spicy food adds a real kick to any mealtime or any snack time. But have you ever wondered why some men insist on making food so hot that it leaves others scratching their heads and sometimes even wiping away the tears.

It turns out, it may be rooted in science.

 A university study a few years back looked at how gender and personality play a part in influencing taste. Participants in the study taste-tested a number of intense flavors, including spicy hot capsaicin. That’s the active component in hot peppers that gives it such a kick. Not surprising, men in the study were more likely than women in the study to SAY they enjoyed spicy food. However, more women than men actually ended up enjoying capsaicin. The men may have claimed they loved it, but when it came to the actual taste-test they came in second place. It could be testosterone. After all, other studies have found thrill-seeking and risk-taking are traits well-suited to young men.

Others predict it’s the masculinity factor, where men sometimes think they have to prove how tough they really are. It may also just be men trying to prove they’re cultured enough to move beyond ordinary, bland food. With all of the options for hot sauce and hot pepper products on the market, it’s easy to take virtually any type of food from ordinary to extraordinary. The key, of course, is figuring out exactly how high your pain tolerance goes. For some, there’s virtually no limit when it comes to spicy food. Just be sure you’re honest enough to know your actual limits.

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