Don’t Bring Wine, Bring Hot Sauce Instead!

Here’s the dilemma everyone faces...

When invited for dinner at someone’s place. Do you bring wine? Which wine? Are flowers more appropriate? Should it be chocolate?

We say skip all that. Don’t bring wine. Bring hot sauce as a dinner guest gift. You’ve got less chance of messing it up.

And, it’s a gift that lasts so much longer; your hosts will remember the lovely evening for months to come. Months, of course, is speculative. It all depends on the heat of the hot sauce and the tolerance of your host.

One thing is certain, it’ll be a talking point as well as something to eagerly imbibe on the night of the dinner.

How to Choose the Best Hot Sauce for Your Host

There’s no set formula. If there was, we wouldn’t need to remind you that hot sauce last longer than a bottle of wine.

But, you might make the most of these tips:

•    Adventurous hosts should always get the hottest hot sauce you can find. Dive into the hundreds of thousands of Scovilles or go all out and bring an extract to dinner.
•    Not sure that they’ve ever gone beyond a drop or two of the mild stuff? Stick to highly flavorful jalapeño sauces.
•    Bring a hot sauce that matches the meal. Take a look at this guide for ideas on finding the perfect hot sauce for any meal.
•    Nothing coming to mind? Buy a gift pack. At the very least, you’ll be invited back for dinner again and again.

Should You Wrap Your Hot Sauce Gift or Not?

Here we have a very definite answer. Unless your hot sauce is already packaged in a sturdy box, don’t wrap it. The last thing you want is a bottle of hot sauce falling out of clumsy hands as your host desperately seeks to see what’s on inside the wrapping.

Have a dinner invitation in your calendar?

Order more Mad Dog today. Or, you know, feel free to indulge yourself, dinner party or not.

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