“World’s Hottest Sauce” is Reborn

“World’s Hottest Sauce” is Reborn

The Ashley Food Company has just re-released Mad Dog Inferno – the first sauce ever declared “World’s Hottest Sauce” in a national competition in 1998 – and its companion product Mad Dog Inferno Reserve, taking the recipes and their preparation processes back to the roots that made these sauces famous.

Sudbury, Massachusetts (PRWeb) September 16, 2012 – The Ashley Food Company, founded by hot sauce guru David Ashley, has just re-released the first hot sauce to be designated “World’s Hottest Sauce” in a competition with more than 100 contenders sponsored by Mo Hotta Mo Betta in 1998. Ashley has tweaked Mad Dog Inferno, and its companion sauce, Mad Dog Inferno Reserve, to make them more similar to the originals, producing sauces that perfectly balance pepper heat with fine flavor.

“We had drifted too far from our original approach over the years, and it was time to get back to our roots,” says David Ashley, founder, and president of Ashley Foods. “Superb flavor and texture along with intense heat are why this sauce beat a hundred competitors in California, and we’ve recaptured the magic of that combination in this re-release.”

Mad Dog Inferno is a Caribbean-style hot sauce that boasts a blend of the finest peppers and spices, which give it the richness of a fine steak or mole sauce to complement its intense heat. Mad Dog Inferno Reserve has all the richness of the original, plus some spicey tweaks of its own, and it has the added punch of Ghost Peppers, which tip the Scoville Scale at 1,000,000+ units (400 times hotter than Tobasco sauce).

“Chili heads have bought a lot of Mad Dog Inferno over the years, and we decided they deserved to experience this terrific sauce in a form closer to how it was originally conceived. We continually innovate for hot sauce lovers, and in this case innovating meant a return to the glory days of Mad Dog Inferno. Our new ‘old-fashioned rock poster’ labels signal the return to a classic approach.”

While some producers of hot food products boast only about heat, Ashley has always believed that high heat without an equal measure of great flavor cheats the customer. “More than once, I’ve had folks tell me that my Mad Dog sauces burn the hell out their mouth but also taste fantastic. We’ll always have the hottest sauces we can make, too, but with us, the flavor is king.”

The Ashley Food Company was founded by David Ashley in 1990—after Ashley had spent five years making Mad Dog hot sauce in his Brighton, Massachusetts kitchen. The company still makes it products in hand-measured batches that are cooked with loving care. Ashley Food uses only the finest all-natural ingredients, importing peppers and spices from all over the world as well as growing them locally. The company’s products have won enthusiastic reviews and multiple national hot sauce awards. Ashley has also had partnerships with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, producing products such as Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce and a line of Wok Sauces with Bob Weir.


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