Fiery Food Trends

You can’t make or enjoy super hot sauces without getting into your food.

Well, you can try, but we certainly haven’t found any success with it yet. And if you’re anything like us, then you’ve got your eye on fiery food trends, always looking for the next new thing.

And, 2015 promises to be a new year. You can expect to see a lot more grains and hybrid veggies on the market. You may also find that the insects in your protein bar are intentional. (How you feel about that is another thing.) Food packaging is taking on new dimensions as consumers demand simpler packaging and claims.

So, what food trends will affect chili heads in the next year? Besides chili beer, that is?

Just take a look.

Spicy and Gourmet Ramen Noodles – The days of treating Ramen noodles like a cheap and nasty snack are over - at least for the time being. Not only are the flavors becoming more exotic and spicy, Ramen is moving back into the realm of acceptability. In fact, it’s going gourmet. You can expect to see more Ramen and noodle options popping up on menus, and these will be accented with meats and veggies done with fiery finishes.

Diversified Asian Cuisines – Americans are well versed in Chinese and Japanese foods by now, but Asia offers a lot of possibilities. Expect to see Filipino foods making their way into restaurants and supermarkets. This will bring with it other layers of food trends including new, spicier options as well as more authentic Chinese flavors. Yum!

Healthier Restaurant Menus – We saw the start of this in 2014, but this food trend is going to get even bigger. In addition to healthier side dishes and new thinking about portion sizes, restaurants will continue to expand their low-fat sauce offerings. Expect more hot sauces on the menus and the tables. This should lead to a general increase in restaurant-served Scoville over the years.

Smoky Flavors – From BBQ to hot sauce, you can expect plenty of new, smoky flavors in 2015. While this food trend is set to peak around Labor Day, you will start to see more home smokers and additives to that effect on the store shelves almost immediately. We’re big fans of putting the smoke back into traditional BBQs and serving it up with super hot sauce, but we’re willing to see how this trend rolls out.

Pushing Sriracha Further – It appears we may be ahead of the curve with our Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce. Although the market is hardly satiated, those in the food trend know are seeing the diversification of this sauce. Like the Mad Dog sauce adding an unexpected kick, consumers are looking for ways to up their Sriracha game. You’ll see it going in new directions and food lovers demanding a fierier version.

Of course, you can always start adding bugs to your meals and drinking bone broth if you like, but we’re certain that you’ll appreciate these food trends in 2015. And don’t worry, in addition to our Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha Hot Sauce, we’ll be bringing you new recipes using our other sauces so you can explore these food trends in the tastiest way possible. Bon appétit!

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