Hot Sauce and College?

Hot sauce can be your friend anytime in your life.

And, you can enjoy it just about anywhere you'd like and choose for yourself. However, we add here a sensitive reminder that you should never add chilies or spices to the food of young children or pets. By the time you hit the university years, you’re probably ready to start adding super hot sauces like Mad Dog to your meals! Good thing too; Mad Dog has the power to be your best friend because hot sauce and college go hand in hand.

Endorphins and Endurance

 Mad Dog hot sauces give you a rush due to the capsaicin found in chili peppers (that’s the stuff that gives them their heat). It doesn’t interact with your taste buds at all; instead, it triggers your pain receptors (which can be located anywhere underneath your skin, not just in your mouth). When your body thinks you’re in pain or shock, it releases endorphins to help you deal better. These endorphins make you feel good and act like natural adrenaline. So, if you need to stay up late cramming for an exam or dancing at the local club, you should swathe your dinner in enough hot sauce to give you that boost.

Make the Most of Your Budget

College food is notoriously bad. Okay, maybe in not all cafeterias...but when you’re left to your own devices, it can be miserable indeed. It’s all that budget ramen that you’ve got to contend with. The incredible thing about super hot sauces like Mad Dog is that they add intense flavor with just a few drops. And if you add a few more drops, you may even be able to swallow that cafeteria meatloaf which tastes nothing like moms. That’s a bonus. When you’re on an extreme budget, you won’t believe how a drop of Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition can stretch a few tacos. You’ll feel fuller faster which will help you to hold off until the cafeteria opens again.

Mad Dog Mixed Drinks

Alcohol is a college rite of passage. Once again, we’re going to mention that there are limits. There’s no point in getting ridiculously drunk, but a couple of drinks is not a terrible night out when you’re young. Fortunately, there are mixed drinks that call for hot sauces! Take the classic Bloody Mary for example; you’ll appreciate it that much more when you’ve substituted a couple of drops of Mad Dog Scorpion hot sauce in place of the stock-standard Tabasco that your friends will have... Just wait until you try a drop in your tequila shots. It’s pretty amazing and it won’t break the bank!

Peak Health Counts – along with the sampling of alcohol, lack of sleep due to late-night studying and decreased levels of energy during your college years, you can become sick easily. Mad Dog can help your immune system more than you know! A couple of drops of Mad Dog Ghost Pepper hot sauce can help clear your sinuses; it can also alleviate headaches (and possibly even prevent them). Mad Dog combats a host of other diseases and conditions that you’re not even thinking about at the moment. There’s a good chance that if you develop a love of Mad Dog hot sauce now, you’ll never need to worry about them.

Now that’s good news. Just remember that super hot sauces range from unbelievably hot to blisteringly intense; you may not be able to handle the entire range of Mad Dog hot sauces. Treat these sauces with caution! At the very least, you don’t want to waste it, do you?

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