National Drink Beer Day

There are holidays that involve food and drink, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Food is rather integral to these celebrations, but what you choose to eat (and serve) is completely up to you. Then, there are holidays where food or drink is central to the day. Sadly, a lot of these holidays go unnoticed by the general public. And that’s sad, especially on the 28th of September when it’s National Drink Beer Day! We’re pretty sure you shouldn’t skip this one. More than that, we suggest pairing your favorite beer with some Mad Dog hot sauce.

And we’ve got some compelling reasons for that too.

Beer and Mad Dog Hot Sauce Are Best Friends – to be fair, Mad Dog hot sauces have a lot of best friends (like wings, hamburgers, soups, and eggs), but there’s a special bond between beer and Mad Dog. Although beer isn’t going to do anything to relieve the sting of the chili burn that accompanies the consumption of super hot sauces, it’s a natural pairing. And perhaps that’s part of the reason they do so well together. Whatever the reason these flavors love each other, we all like to celebrate our special days with our best friends, right? And that means Mad Dog totally needs an invite to the party.

You Need to Line Your Stomach with Something – it’s been recommended to avoid consuming alcohol on an empty stomach. That’s because of the effects unmitigated alcohol can have on your system. And, if you’ve got to eat something with – or before – that deliciously frosty beer, then it should be something mouth-watering (and in this case, eye-watering) delicious. National Drink a Beer Day is a celebration after all. Mad Dog hot sauces simply up the ante. Whatever you add it to will taste incredible – and you’ll be lining your belly too. And that’s good news, especially if you’re planning to have more than one beer.

Mad Dog May Just Help You Limit Your Beer Intake – capsaicin found in super hot sauces like the Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition or Mad Dog Pure Ghost Hot Sauce helps cut food cravings and portion sizes. Now, we don’t have any evidence that it will cut your beer intake directly, but we do know that it will trigger the release of endorphins. And that means you don’t need to drink as much beer in order to achieve that happy buzz that comes with consuming alcohol. Now that’s a bonus for your body – and your wallet!

The Morning After – there are plenty of reasons that you should indulge in the hair of the Mad Dog that bit you. We’re big fans of not overdoing it, but it happens – especially on National Drink a Beer Day. With the healing powers of capsaicin on headaches and bellyaches, you may just be thanking yourself before you even reach for the morning after Bloody Mary.

However you plan to celebrate National Drink a Beer Day, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to have some Mad Dog hot sauce with it. Not sure which one to choose? Perhaps this is the time to throw that hot sauce tasting party you’ve been thinking about for ages. That’ll give you the perfect excuse to try a variety of super hot sauces and perhaps craft beers too.

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