National Cheeseburger Day

There is no shortage of food holidays, which makes Mad Dog Hot Sauce an active product to add to your menu!

There's also no shortage of cheeseburger, which America can’t get enough of. Did you know that September boasts not just one, but two cheeseburger holidays?

Leading us to National Cheeseburger Days!

While we’re not totally sure which one came first, September 15th is Double Cheeseburger Day, followed by National Cheeseburger day on September 16th. That’s an impressive lineup, especially considering these days fall at the beginning of the week this year. But whatever day they are, we’re quite certain you can celebrate them in style with Mad Dog hot sauces.

And, we do mean sauces, as in the plural. After all, if you can take the heat of the original Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce on your cheeseburger, perhaps you’ll want to step up your game for National Double Cheeseburger Day! Try out the Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce on your beefed up burger – or maybe go all out for the Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition.

Now, these holidays do feel as they’re a bit reversed. After all, we do think that it makes more sense to start with the deliciously sensational burn of the original sauce before moving up – and we’re also sure that you’d want to start with the smaller burger and work your way up. So, if you want to reverse your National Cheeseburger Days, go right ahead. But, if you do it properly, then you’ll need to select the perfect super hot sauce for both days. Of course, that shouldn’t be too hard with Mad Dog on your holiday team! We’re constantly creating new and exciting products to help you celebrate every food holiday (except National Doughnut Day, but we’ll let you know when we’ve ruled that one out completely).

How do you celebrate National Cheeseburger and National Double Cheeseburger days? For a start, we suggest making your own perfect cheeseburgers at home. It’ll be easier than you think with our fiery and popular Mad Dog hamburger recipe (check our recipe page). All you’ll need to do is add a bit of cheese to your burgers (and double up, depending on the day). If you’re really brave, up the ante with a drop of Mad Dog 1 Million Scoville Extract instead of the original Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce. It will feel like there’s a mind-blowingly hot party happening on your tongue.

Some people may prefer to celebrate with a night out on the town. For these folks, we’d like to suggest you try out your nearest independent hamburger joint on at least one of these days. We’d suggest carrying along with the travel-friendly mini-sized bottle of Mad Dog.

We didn’t create National Cheeseburger and Double Cheeseburger Days, nor did we start cooking up our Mad Dog Hot Sauce range to celebrate them, but they’re perfect pairs. What a happy coincidence!

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