Peppery Tales from Princess Kate

Princess Kate - she’s just like us!

Princess Kate and Prince William are world travelers as their Royal Duty.

With their travels comes much to do about eating including foods not native to England, which tend to be bland and flavorless.

Before traveling to India, The Duchess of Cambridge (Princess Kate) revealed that she is quite a fan of spicy food, but however, Prince William does not. She said that he “struggles” with spicy foods.

On a tour of India and Bhutan in 2016...

Kate told model Neelam Gill (her family is from Punjab) that she loves Indian food. She mostly prefers vegetarian dishes, so on her tour of India, she ate veggie kabobs and lentil curry.

Some of Kate’s favorite foods while pregnant included a spicy curry vegetable soup prepared for by an Indian couple who owned a shop near her home in Berkshire.

It could be that Prince William takes after his grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, whose palate is quite simple and prefers tea and scones. In fact, the most adventurous recipe in the Palace arsenal is Lamb Burger. There was a hint of spice though in the Coronation Sandwiches which were rolls filled with creamy curry chicken.

However, brother Prince Harry is quite keen on spicy foods. During his military tour in Afghanistan, Harry took to eating Indian dishes quite often including his favorite, “fiery goat curries cooked by Ghurka soldiers.” Prince Harry also revealed to a UK newspaper that his father, Prince Charles was fond of curry as well.

Put the two brothers together and you could get a dinner much like one they had at a popular British curry house in 2012 (also a favorite restaurant of Brad Pitt) where the brothers ordered a ton of food - Harry ordering the spicier dishes and William sticking with the mild ones.

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