Spring Cupboard Cleaning: How to Creatively Use More Hot Sauce


Hot sauce, like many condiments, is offered in many varieties, and like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

You may have a habanero hot sauce, a chipotle one, and a jalapeño sauce. Your pantry may also be stocked with various heats from mild to super hot.

All these half-used bottles of hot sauce may start looking a little tired, waiting to be used up to the last drop and you’re just ready for a fresh new batch already.

But how can you use all the hot sauce you already have?

Here are some easy ways to incorporate more hot sauce into your meals every day.

  • Toss your chicken wings in hot sauce. You can easily use half a bottle of hot sauce to smother your wings. Try the recipe for Mad Dog Boneless Chicken Wings.
  • Add hot sauce to your barbecue marinade. Toss a little shrimp on the barbie and everything else hitting the grill - chicken, steak, and veggies. Try Mad Dog Mexican Grilled Corn.
  • Toast your bread by first adding a dollop of hot sauce and then your favorite cheese. Bake in a toaster oven to make a heavenly cheesy toast. Perfectly paired with soup like Loaded Lava Soup.
  • Save those hot sauce packets for your next picnic and instead use your own hot sauce waiting patiently in your kitchen on all your fast food and takeout. Hot sauce tastes great on Chinese and Thai takeout.
  • Mix hot sauce into your second favorite condiment like ketchup or mayo and use it as a spicy addition to your juicy hot dog or burger. It’s also tasty mixed in with tartar sauce to kick those fish & chips up a notch.
  • Make it a habit to add hot sauce to your breakfast every day - from eggs to omelets, to avocado toast there are plenty of ways to add hot sauce to your morning meal. For more ideas read Why Breakfast is Hot Sauce’s Favorite Meal.
  • Sprinkle a little hot sauce over your home movie popcorn.
  • Add a dash to your hot chocolate - sounds weird, but tastes awesome!

For more ideas visit Mad Dog recipes.

To make use of your bottles after you’ve used the last magic drop of hot sauce, rinse out thoroughly with water and fill again with water. Place upside down in a potted plant and is a self-waterer while you take that much needed long weekend vacation.

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