Over 50? Use these healthy habits to speed up your metabolism


If you’re over 50?

Or maybe even close to turning 50? You need to start doing certain things to stay healthy. While it’s important at any age to get regular exercise and stick with routine doctor’s appointments, you also need to eat certain types of foods to stay healthy. Your metabolism slows down as you age, which unfortunately leads to weight gain. Eating four specific things may help.

The first is more chili pepper.

Adding hot peppers to mealtime helps speed up your metabolism. You can choose either a pepper extract or even use fresh chili peppers. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little too, to figure out which peppers you like the best. Feel free to choose peppers that rank high on the heat scale, or even mix in some that rank a little lower on the hot pepper scale. When you’ve had your fill of extra spice, top it off with a little dessert. Dark chocolate is another food that’s said to help with your metabolism. One study found just two grams of 70-percent cocoa, dark chocolate each day can help. If the cocoa percentage is lower than that, it could mean consuming too much added sugar and have the opposite effect on your healthy weight goals.

If you want to help your metabolism...

You can also try swapping out certain refined foods with whole grains and oats. Oats, specifically, help you burn more fat and feel fuller longer. Raw oats are good for you because they’re a source of resistant starch, which helps with good gut health, and supports energy metabolism. Finally, try some ginger. It’s thought ginger can enhance calorie burning. Ginger also has some healthy benefits when it comes to your gastrointestinal tract. It seems ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits that may help with weight loss.

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