Beat depression (and 6 other ailments) with super hot sauces

Whether it’s physical or mental, if you’re suffering the last place you might look for solutions is your kitchen.

With, the exception for those that believe ice cream, chocolate or wine will heal them.

But, we really should be turning towards our pantry cupboards first; often a change to what we consume leads to a change in condition.

And, thankfully, when it comes to super-hot sauces and the positive changes that come with it, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor to get the benefits you’re after. (Very few dietary changes for the better are able to offer that, are they?)

So, what health benefits can you expect when you make the switch to eating full-time like a crazy chili head?

Quash the common cold – If you’ve ever had your sinuses open after eating a spicy dish or hot-sauce laden meal, you’ve experienced this benefit before. Not only that, but chili peppers crawling with vitamin C. It’s a win-win.

Make aches and pains a thing of the past – Capsaicin, the stuff that makes chili peppers seem hot, is often used in medicines and pain treatments. And that goes for everything from headache tablets to prescription rheumatism treatments. We’re not suggesting you rub super hot sauces directly onto your aching shoulders, but you’ve got a homemade pain solution if you dilute it.

Fix your eyes – No, never pour hot sauce into your eyes. And, don’t expect capsaicin to act as a low-cost alternative to Lasik; it’s not. But, chili peppers, and therefore hot sauce as a derivative, are filled with eye-boosting nutrients and you can expect them to help correct night blindness and other eye disorders.

Deal with obesity-related issues – The strain that extra weight puts on every organ leads to huge numbers of ailments. Some are clearly on the rise, such as diabetes. Eating super-hot sauces helps those trying to lose weight through natural appetite suppression, increased metabolic responses and just by adding enough flavor to bland dishes to make healthier choices.

Beat depression Capsaicin triggers the release of hormones that make you feel good. We’re talking about serotonin, endorphins and more. While you shouldn’t be self-medicating if you’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression, you can definitely shake off the blues by turning to your favorite hot sauces when the going gets tough.

Improve your heart health – Not only does super hot sauce get your heart pumping, it’s been shown to alleviate high blood pressure. Simultaneously, capsaicin does wonders for dilating blood vessels which make everything run a lot smoother in your world.

Curb Cancer – Yes, there have been some laboratory studies showing that capsaicin reduces a person’s chance of developing cancer and its ability to kill cancerous cells without harming the good tissues you want to hold on to. Sure, there’s a lot more research to be done, but with all the other benefits associated with super hot sauces, we’re happy to keep chewing on chili peppers while scientists work out the how and why of it all.

Want to beat depression?

We’re not doctors and we can’t provide you with any real medical advice, whatever your condition is. We are, however, maker of the best damn super hot sauces on the planet. Since they’re good for you and freaking tasty too, you may as well give them a try – especially given the potential health benefits we can’t even begin to advise you on.

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