Can cayenne pepper be used in an emergency?

You’ve probably heard before that cayenne pepper is packed with health benefits, but what about using cayenne pepper in an emergency?

Let’s back up here. We know the cayenne pepper is full of nutrients. We also know it may help with your metabolism and potentially weight loss. Researchers have even looked at the role hot peppers play in helping heart health and potentially reducing inflammation. But now some say cayenne pepper may have yet another health benefit.

We’re talking about in an emergency.

 Some claim cayenne pepper can help stop minor bleeding. Say, for example, you accidentally cut your hand while chopping up food. Some reports suggest you can either sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on the wound or soak a bandage in water and pepper powder to help with the bleeding. While some say it helps reduce the pain others say it can help stop the bleeding faster. As for the experts, they’re not so sure. It may not hurt too much for, say a paper cut, but you may not want to rely on it to help if the cut is serious. In that case, it’s probably best to get some real medical help.

 Of course, the real advantage of having cayenne pepper around is to spice up your food with an extra dose of flavor. No matter whether you want to start small or really experiment with the hot flavors of the Scoville Scale, you can’t go wrong when you have some hot pepper products on hand. Use a splash of hot sauce after your meal gets on your plate or add some in while you’re cooking to soak up all the added flavor. When it comes to cayenne pepper, let your own individual taste be the deciding factor. A little goes a long way, but don’t hold back on trying out new flavors at mealtime.

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