Can Hot Sauce Stop the Corona Virus Spread?

If you’ve dipped your toe into Corona Virus news on social media, it would be impossible to have missed the suggestion that alcohol kills or cures it.

Certainly, beer brands are making the most of the virus’s name and association with one of their competitors.

Let’s be clear. We can’t support or deny this claim. That’s up to medical scientists and the folks over at the CDC.

We also have no reason to believe that Mad Dog hot sauce can kill the Corona Virus. Sorry.

But, if you’re planning on spending as much time as you can at home, avoiding crowds and travel hubs, we can suggest adding some serious hot sauce to your routine. And, we have a few reasons to back that up.

This is why you need Mad Dog hot sauce right now

  1. Mad Dog hot sauce is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. That’s in addition to, not separate from, all the flavor you can expect from each drop.
  2. It’s entertainment in and of itself. Seriously. What other condiments can make you cry and then laugh? Most are limited to simply flavoring your food.
  3. If you’re not going out to eat as often, you’ll need something to enhance your homemade meals. Mad Dog hot sauces are the obvious answer. Hell, we suggest stocking up and then working your way through the best recipes on our food blog.
  4. You’re keeping it business as usual and adding Mad Dog to every meal is how you do it – Corona Virus or not.

So, can Mad Dog hot sauce halt the spread of the Corona Virus? It’s unlikely, but if you’re tucked inside your home furiously washing your hands to avoid getting any capsaicin in your eyes (or… elsewhere), you’re already reducing your risk. So why not?

Isn’t it time you indulged your longing for Mad Dog hot sauces (whether you use the Corona Virus is your excuse or not)? Get more Mad Dog today. You won’t regret it while you’re tucked up inside your home for the rest of the winter.

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