Does loving spicy food make you more attractive?

If you love spice, it may come down to more than just preference.

Spiciness could actually be part of your personality. The question then becomes, does loving spicy food make you more attractive? It probably depends on who you ask, but many spicy food lovers say, yes! At least that’s according to a recent study conducted in conjunction with a hot sauce maker. The study looked at some of the personality traits of 2,000 American adults and found 62-percent of spicy food eaters consider themselves attractive, 76-percent enjoy trying new things, and 66-percent are content with their lives. The numbers were higher in each of those categories than for those who enjoy milder foods. A mere seven-percent of those who responded to the survey said they’d rather go for no spice at all.

So, what about some of the other personality traits of spicy food lovers?

According to the survey, of those who prefer spicy foods, 21-percent consider themselves extroverted. More than half describe themselves as confident and creative. About 76-percent of spicy food lovers said they enjoy traveling. So, who exactly are the spicy food lovers out there? According to the survey, 12-percent of them are Virgos. On the other hand, 11-percent of those who preferred a medium level of spice were Leos, while many of those who tended to go for no spice identified as a Sagittarius.

While people who enjoy sampling a higher level on the hot pepper scale seemed to have some of the same personality traits, so did those who opted for a lesser heat.

Medium heat lovers tended to describe themselves more in terms of being calm and curious, while those who only like a mild heat often described themselves as empathetic or sometimes shy. While hardly scientific, it seems that some spicy food lovers also tend to have a spicy personality to match.

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