Holiday entertaining for chili heads

As a hot sauce lover, entertaining is dead easy.

Grab a snack and pump it with as many Scoville as you can. Or, simply place a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Original Edition Hot Sauce on the table and watch as guests become the entertainment for the evening.

Need a last-minute Christmas gift for a chili-head? It’s only as difficult as choosing your favorite super hot sauce of the moment and wrapping it in festive paper.

Really, holiday entertaining is really simple when you’re focused on fire and flavor rather than décor and whether a guest eats olives or not.

Over the years, however, we’ve realized it’s important to plan for impromptu hot sauce tastings and surprise holiday gift-giving. Whether you’re headed out to the shops or ordering online, here are a few things you should pick up.

Chili-head necessities:

Surgical gloves
Ice cream (dairy that keeps indefinitely)
Mad Dog 347 hot sauces
Mad Dog 357 extracts
More Mad Dog (to give as gifts)

You’ll also want to do a little housekeeping on your hot sauce bottles.

Remember the last time you drunkenly instigated a tasting?

Now everything that dripped down the side of the bottles has dried. Put on a pair of gloves and wash that off and do it now, before someone shows up looking for a way to warm up a cold winter night.

Don’t stop there!

If you know (and you do know, don’t you?) that you’ll be hauling out your favorite sauces sometime this holiday season, you may as well pack them together in a convenient container. (Or, go ahead and put that on your last-minute Christmas wish list.)

And, now that you know it’s that easy, go ahead and return to panicking about everything else!

Need more Mad Dog to light up your holidays?

As always, we’re here to help you with all the fire and flavor you can handle.

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