How to pair hot sauce with your favorite foods

When you’ve got hot sauces pouring out of all your kitchen cupboards, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which hot sauce to grab.

Sure, you’ve got your favorite that you carry everywhere with you (and, it probably changes from week to week because you just can’t stop yourself).

When you’re looking for the best hot sauce pairing, you may want to dig a little deeper into your stash.

If you’re chowing on tacos or your favorite Mexican dishes, you can go where the mood takes you, but it’s also a terrific time to go for the gold; in other words: Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce – though the Silver Collector’s Edition or Original Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce will also get the job done.


You’ve got a serious range of flavors and textures tucked up in your food already (from cream and beans to beef and veggies), so adding heat is the best way to enunciate each bite.

But what about your other favorite foods? Which hot sauces go best with those?

Chips and popcorn

If you’re pulling out plain chips or popcorn from your cupboard, you don’t want to destroy the texture of your snacks with a light sauce. Instead, it’s time to reach for Pain on a Chain to sprinkle on your popcorn.

Incidentally, French fries are brilliant with hot sauces with a vinegar base, so while you can sprinkle on ground chili peppers, you can also grab just about any Mad Dog hot sauce that strikes your fancy.

Full breakfast

Eggs. Bacon. Toast. And, if you’re after an English touch, baked beans… breakfast dishes farewell with a vinegar-based hot sauce. And, if you’re actually eating breakfast for breakfast (rather than snacking on it at any other time of the day), you may not want the heat that you’d get from super hot sauces.

With its perfectly blended flavor, we’re thinking Liquid Fire is the way to go.

Burgers and Pizza

You might think of burgers and pizza as two totally separate food groups – and, for all intensive purposes, they are. But, both these dishes make the most of the fruit, fire, and flavor of ghost peppers. It all boils down to the complexities and fat found in both meals.

So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you’ll need to grab your Pure Ghost or Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce for either one of these. And, remember, go easy at first and add more fire later, if you can handle it.


Unlike a burger that’s piled high with toppings, sitting between a bun, steak is a rather simple meal. And that means you can take advantage of more interesting flavor profiles. A little basting before cooking is always good, but you can always dab your steak in the sauce once cooked.

We strongly suggest tempting your taste buds with either our Boomslang or Reaper Sriracha hot sauces.

Fried chicken

Chicken, especially fried chicken, almost begs for something sweet. Though, if you’ve ever played with your wing flavors, you know that smoky and garlicky will also fit the bill.

And that means you can kind of work with anything from Green Amigo to Reaper Sriracha hot sauce according to the time of day – and the sides you’ve chosen to complete your meal.

Mac ‘n cheese

Ah yes, we couldn’t possibly exclude everyone’s favorite snack slash side slash main dish, could we? And, luckily, you can go in a myriad of directions when it comes to mac ‘n cheese. That’s because of the fullness of the cheese, which also means it’s the best place to try hotter sauces than you’re used to eating.

But, our favorites (when we’re simply adding to already cooked mac ‘n cheese) are definitely Scorpion and Inferno hot sauces.

Need more hot sauce for your favorite foods

Get more because you can’t get enough – or choose a new Mad Dog hot sauce because you don’t yet have the perfect pairing for your favorite food. Either way…

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