Get Your Chili on for Cinco de Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, it’s time to get your chili on.

After all, as this Mexican holiday moved north of the border, it became a celebration of Mexican cuisine. And, although you can get fresh Mexican food without any heat, why would you want to?

There are over 200 varieties of chilies grown in Mexico from jalapeños to anchos and beyond. Each region makes the most of the best chilies grown in the area – and while we change it up with chilies grown around the world, we make the best of their meals too.

This Cinco de Mayo, get your chili on with any of these recipes:

Reaper Chicken Enchiladas
Mad Dog Barbacoa Beef Burritos
Pure Ghost Shrimp Tacos
Reaper Loaded Nachos
Revenge Refried Beans
Mad Morich Chicken Tacos
Mad Dog’s Muchos Layer Nachos

And, if you need a simple roast chili salsa, give this one a try:

Dry fry 4 whole tomatoes in a large frying pan, turning as needed until they become blackened and blistered. Remove tomatoes to a blender, and add 2 cloves of unpeeled garlic and chili of your choosing. Continue dry frying until blackened. Peel the garlic and remove the chili stem and toss in the blender. Add a tablespoon or two of cilantro, a small onion, a sprinkle of salt, and the juice from a lime. Blitz until you get the desired consistency and eat with any of your favorite Mexican meals this Cinco de Mayo.

Or, pick your favorite from these Mad Dog tried-and-true recipes:

Super Easy Fiery Salsa
Naga Salsa
Mad Dog Tequila Pico

Pick up habanero pepper puree to transform this Cinco de Mayo

And hey, while you’re getting that, don’t forget to pick up your faves so you can make a feast out of this fest.

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