Infuse This! Rosemary and Chili Extract Oil

Yeah, you can go buy rosemary chili oil. You can.

But, before you rush off to the shops (or let’s be honest, wherever you’re ordering groceries from at the moment), take a moment to hear us out.

We’re not talking about infusing olive oil with a couple of chili peppers. (That’s also possible, mind you.) We’re adding a super-pure chili extract to rosemary-infused olive oil. And that’s a horse of a different color, isn’t it?


What’s all this about ultra-pure chili extract?

Sounds freaking amazing, right? (It is.) We’ve upped our extract game by adding alcohol to the process to ensure clean quality. Oh, and a cool million Scoville.

It’s our new ECO 1 Million Scoville Extract – and you want it.

Not only that, but you also want to infuse rosemary oil with this 1 Million Scoville Extract for way more than 1 million reasons.

Make your own Rosemary and Chili Extract Oil

Now that you’re sold, let’s talk you through the next 10 minutes of kitchen work that’ll change your life (or at least your taste buds) forever.

All you need to do is drop about a quarter cup of rosemary stalks into a pot with about a cup and a half of olive oil. Heat the pot over low heat and allow it to simmer for 5-6 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow the oil to cool slightly before adding in a few drops of Mad Dog 357 ECO 1 Million Scoville Extract. (Use as much as you want, but remember that it’s super potent.) Decant into a bottle to store and use.

TIP: It’s critical to heat the rosemary leaves before storing them with the oil because of the water they carry. Eventually, this will cause fermentation. If you get through your rosemary and chili extract oil with lightning speed, you may not need to worry. But, you’ll really get the best flavor and fire if you follow the process anyhow.


Ready to make your own Rosemary and Chili Extract Oil?

The most important ingredient is clearly the Mad Dog 357 ECO 1 Million Scoville Extract. And, you know where to pick that up, right? Get your ECO 1 Million Scoville Extract now

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