Low Calorie, High-Fiber Dinners with Extra Spice


If you’re looking for a meal that won’t break your diet.

You may want to try making something delicious, that’s also high in fiber and low in calories. Several recipes take ground beef to the next level. Not only will these dinner selections help keep your nutritional levels in check, but with some extra spice, they taste pretty good, too.                                                                                                        

Chili con carne

For a hearty meal that’s also good for you, try chili con carne with ground beef. Make it extra spicy with chili powder, fresh poblano peppers and chipotles in adobo. If you can’t find the fresh poblanos you can sub out some bell peppers, but you won’t get the same level of heat because bell peppers don’t register on the hot pepper scale. For an even healthier meal, try using lean ground beef.

Sweet potatoes topped with chili

Sweet potatoes are full of nutrients. For a healthier alternative to a cold winter staple, try topping the sweet potatoes with chili, then sprinkle on some sliced jalapenos. It brings an extra dose of flavor to something that’s sometimes ordinary

Chipotle chili

For a smokier tasting chili, try making chipotle chili. This chili uses lean ground beef, red kidney beans and a small, chopped sweet pepper. A teaspoon or so of chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce helps give it that extra kick.

Stuffed pepper soup

You’ve heard of stuffed peppers, but you can create a similar taste much easier when you make a pot of stuffed pepper soup. You’ll want to use lean ground beef, brown rice and low-sodium chicken broth. An onion, three bell peppers and a poblano pepper help make it flavorful.

Cincinnati Chili

With Cincinnati chili, you serve it up over spaghetti noodles. Again, use lean ground beef and some chili powder. For more fiber in your dish, try adding a can of kidney beans.

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