Moving with Mad Dog hot sauce

Moving with Mad Dog hot sauce

They say that moving is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. And, yeah, we’ll admit that it sucks – even if you’re moving into a great place and you’re super excited about the change. No matter how happy you are about it, you still need to pack everything up in order to unpack it somewhere else.

And, right now, Mad Dog super hot sauces will be your best friends. We’re not exaggerating.

Take your energy levels up a notch and lower your stress

By now you probably know that capsaicin is a miracle worker. This compound is what gives chili peppers their perceived heat and makes you feel as though you’re on fire. It also triggers your body to release a crazy rush of endorphins that’ll make you feel damn good.

And, all those positive feelings can help you move faster through the tedious tasks you need to do. More than that, the hot sauce high will keep you happy through it all. Who doesn’t want that?

Mad Dog hot sauces make moving tasty

Another reason you’ll need all those glorious bottles of Mad Dog hot sauces handy lies inside your fridge.

You know you’re supposed to eat as much as you can before you move. You know it, but you’re not overly tempted to do it.

And, the reasons are simple:

1.    You don’t have any time to cook something delicious right now.
2.    The food left in your fridge and freezer isn’t your favorites.

But, since you can add a drop of Mad Dog to just about anything in your fridge and transform it from boring to breathtaking, you beat both problems with a single bottle of your favorite super hot sauce.

It’ll do the same when you land at your new place and your options for dinner are fast food or fast food.

Practical tips for packing your Mad Dog hot sauces

Generally speaking, food is one of the last things to pack and the first things you should unpack after your move. If you’re using your Mad Dog super hot sauces to get you through your move, this adage is doubly true.

But, you can pack up a few of your most precious hot sauces beforehand. The best way to do this involves wrapping each one individually in newspaper. Then, group a few in plastic bags (preferably large Ziploc bags) and then placing these inside a box (or boxes, depending on your level of chili head addiction). Label the box clearly with words like fragile, this end up and mark that it’s super hot sauces. Not only do you want to find this box quickly when you get to your new home, you want to know whether you’ll need to put gloves on before opening the boxes. You know, just in case.

And now that you know…

Isn’t it time you checked whether you have enough Mad Dog super hot sauce to get you through your move? If you don’t, it’s time to pick some up!

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