Unforgettable summer snacks for every occasion


It’s not really summer without snacks; the sun and heat just take it out of you.

And, you suddenly need a snack everywhere: the beach, the pool, the office and definitely when sitting on the back patio enjoying a late evening sun-downer.

Obviously, nothing stops you from buying summer snacks at the store (or, let’s face it, the drive-thru). Nothing, that is, except the complete lack of heat you’ll get from just about any commercial snack or sandwich on the market.

You can add hot sauce to just about anything, but it’s so much better when all those Scoville are tucked up evenly into every bite. And for real chili heads, the extra few minutes spent preparing hotter than hell summer snacks is worth it.

Luckily, we gathered a few of our favorites so you can spend more time enjoying summer and snacking (pretty much anywhere) rather than reading through recipe after recipe looking for the perfect one.

Best summer snacks for the beach:

Without a doubt, these have to be our No Escape Pigs in a Blanket featuring our Pain on a Chain pepper powders. And, you might want to bring along some of these Snackable Scorpion Sliders.

Best summer snacks for the pool:

When you don’t need to worry so much about the combination of sand and wind, you’ll totally crave Chicken Fried Steak Fingers with Scorpion Mustard Sauce with Scorpion Hot Sauce taking center stage. Then again, these Demon Pizza Rollups made with the soul of a Pure Ghost may be just what you need.

Best summer snacks for the patio:

Whether it’s a beer or a mixed drink that you have in one hand, you’ll want these Ghostly Smoky Jalapeños made with killer Boomslang Hot Sauce in the other. No wait, maybe it’s these Fiery Mac ‘n Cheese Bites. Both are perfect for watching the sun set.

Best summer snacks for a party:

If you’re gathering the guys, you may want to go for party classics like Maddeningly Hot Deviled Eggs or Mad Dog Stuffed Mushrooms. Then again, you may fall in love with this Spicy Twisted Pizza Pastry. At the very least, you’ll fall for the Mad Dog 357 Silver Edition Hot Sauce found in every bite.

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