Serious summer reader? You’ll need more Mad Dog

Remember those summer reading lists you used to get when you were in school?

At the time, it probably felt a little like hell trying to get through those books when all of summer’s fun stretched out in front of you. That, even if you enjoyed reading.

Now, if you’re a reader, what wouldn’t you give to read into the night, finishing book after book. Hell, even if you’re not a big fan of reading (there is that Hulu list you’ve got to get through, right?), sometimes you become sucked into a novel and can’t put it down for anything.

That’s when you’ll need a bottle of super hot sauce at your side.

For real. Hot sauce. Specifically, hotter-than-hell, make-you-crazy hot sauce. We’ve got reasons for it too. And here they are, in no particular order:

  • When you’re stuck into a good book, taking time out to cook is a serious pain. With a bottle of hot sauce as your sidekick, you’ll totally be able to handle that super bland microwave meal you keep in the freezer just for moments like these. Or, they’ll spice up whatever meal you order from whichever service you use.
  • You’ll get a rush of endorphins which doesn’t mean much on its own; you are after all, completely engrossed in a story and you’re going to feel whatever the author wants you to feel. But, if you’re hoping for one of those marathon, make-the-most-of-more-daylight reading sessions, that burst might just give you the energy you need. (Moreover, chili peppers are great for your eyesight, while reading into the night isn’t.)
  • A glass of wine while curled in a corner with your book may sound like a brilliant idea, but you’ll find the two don’t actually mix all that well. A bottle of hot sauce, while it gives you a hell of a high, won’t leave you reading and re-reading line after line.

And, let’s be honest, hot sauce just makes everything better, even marathon reading sessions. We know it. You know it. And now you just need to make it happen. Happily, we can help with that.

Ready for spicy summer reading?

We’re not talking about steamy romances – though we’re not judging – we’re mixing reading and stupidly hot sauces. And it’s way better than you might think.

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