Where Can I Buy Capsaicin?


So you wanna buy capsaicin?

Right on! Capsaicin creates the hot pepper heat you love and it has a long list of benefits. It can ease nerve pain, help with anxiety, and lead to weight loss.

So why wouldn’t you want to add it to your food?

Unlike hot sauce, capsaicin adds fire to your food without adding any additional flavors. Plus capsaicin can also be used to deter pesky critters including deer and chipmunks. But before you Google capsaicin and buy the first product, beware! Capsaicin comes in lots of forms, including creams and patches. So if you want to buy a product to add to your food, make sure you’re buying what you’re looking for...squeezing some capsaicin cream on your hot dog isn’t recommended.

Okay, okay so where can you buy capsaicin? Before we give you the answer, we’ll let you in on a little secret. You can’t buy 100% capsaicin. And even if you could, you seriously wouldn’t want to due to its dangerous nature.

But what you can buy is some products with a truly high dose of capsaicin. Where? On our website, of course! Our Mad Dog 357 Yellow Cake Capsaicin Powder is 10% capsaicin. Yes, you read that right, 10%! Since it’s in powder form, you can sprinkle it on top of chili, wings, pasta, you name it! Prefer liquid fire? Then buy some of our Plutonium 9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract. In case you didn’t get it from the name, this little bottle packs in 9 million Scoville units. That’s a lot of capsaicin!

Next time you’re looking to buy some capsaicin, let Mad Dog 357 be your first choice! We pack the heat, and we’re happy to share.

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