Which summer drink pairs best with hot sauce?


Sure, you needed the red wine and Irish coffees to get you through the long winter nights.


Well, that and hot sauce, right?

 But it’s summer now and you need something lighter and more seasonally appropriate. You still need your hot sauce though – and that makes things tougher. Right? Wrong!

We’ve got the summer drinks that always pair well with hot sauces right here!


This is a no-brainer. Beer is always great with hot sauces. In fact, they pair so well, we’ve even got a guide to picking the best beer to pair with your hot sauce, erm, food.

Need we say more? I didn’t think so.

Gin and tonic

Okay, gin and hot sauce normally tend to compete with each other and they’ll both try to take over the tonic. But, if you add a splash of tomato juice to the mix, you can tame both with one fell swoop.

Actually, we suggest popping a few grape tomatoes and a splash of tomato juice to your regular G&T and then pairing it with a smoky and spicy rack of ribs. But, how you do it is totally up to you.

Rum and coke

Rum goes really well with a number of chili peppers. If you’re eating anything with scorpion or ghost pepper hot sauces, do yourself a favor and order yourself a rum and coke. Light rum, dark rum, spiced rum… any of them work well with fruity chili peppers.

And, the carbonation in the coke will accentuate the heat from the sauces or peppers, while the sugar will damper the extremes… slightly.


Cachaça is a fermented sugar cane juice. Once you mix this with raw sugar and lime juice to make a Caipirinha, you’re going to be begging for heat. Real heat. Like Carolina Reaper heat. If you’re ordering anything that you’re pretty sure will melt your lips, this is the drink you want.

In fact, you probably should order a bottle of Mad Dog’s Reaper Sriracha hot sauce at the same time you pick up a bottle of Cachaça. Just saying.

Bloody Mary

Like beers, we probably don’t need to explain this one; there’s hot sauce in the drink. And it’s bloody marvelous for hangovers. If you’re looking to spice up your Bloody Marys, might we suggest this guide?

Of course, you can totally go off grid and do as you like. Just order your fave drink and wings, like you always have and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Need some hot sauces for your cool summer drinks?

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