Why Am I Craving Hot Sauce?


Sure, spicy foods can help with cravings, but what about when you’re hankering for some of the hot stuff itself?

Does it mean you’ve got an evil fire inside you? Not quite.

If you can’t shake the feeling of needing a bit of fire on your tongue, you’re not alone. All types of people, not just pregnant women, crave a dash of Mad Dog 357 hot sauce. We’re not here to analyze your future or dreams through these cravings...but we can tell you a few reasons why your body is begging for some spice.

Although it may not make sense at first, a craving for hot sauce can actually be your body telling you that it needs to cool down. While spicy foods can add fire to your mouth and stomach, they actually help you release heat from your body by making you sweat. So if you can’t shake the feeling for some hot sauce, go ahead and give in! Your body will thank you.

Another reason you may be craving hot sauce? You want the endorphin rush that comes with it.

When you eat hot sauce, you get a dose of capsaicin — the component that’s responsible for chili pepper’s heat and the burning sensation you love. This fake fire leads your body to produce endorphins that make you feel like you’re on top of the world. So if you’re craving some hot sauce, you may just be looking for a boost to get you through your day.

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