Don’t Wear White When Eating Hot Sauce

Listen, this is kinda a no-brainer, but we felt it’s like a public service to remind you again.

You shouldn’t wear white when eating hot sauce. You should also avoid light colors and any garments you already need to schlep to the dry cleaners.

It’s not that we believe you’re incapable of eating without wearing a bib. Accidents happen. And damned if they don’t happen when you’re wearing white.

Case in point: if you’re headed out to an Italian restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs (though we don’t know why you’d go out for that when you can make Revenge Spaghetti and Meatballs at home), you wouldn’t wear your best white shirt, would you?


You already know that the delicious red sauce is going to find a way to splash from your bowl, your fork or your mouth onto your shirt.

The same principle applies whenever you add hot sauce to your food. That’s because, more often than not, you’re eating something wonderfully, deliciously greasy.

In case you’re looking for ideas, try our:

Hell, even if you’re in for something healthier, like a salad, you can be sure the hot sauce will splatter onto whatever white piece of clothing you’re wearing. Sure, your odds are better when indulging in one of these recipes:

But, it’s hot sauce law that you’ll end up with a fiery red splatter on your shirt.

How to Make That Hot Sauce Stain Go Away

Now, suppose you’ve already made the mistake of wearing white while eating hot sauce. Don’t worry about wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day; that’s a rule you can break – unless you’re eating spaghetti and meatballs or hot sauce.

But, if your favorite white shirt is sitting with a hot sauce stain already in place, you’ll need to know how to fix it. As part of this public service announcement, we’ve got the details on how you’ll fix that. Check out our hot sauce stain removal guide.

While you’re off shopping for red clothing so you can enjoy hot sauce without the worry, don’t hesitate to order more hot sauce with it.

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