10 inventive ways to use hot sauce


Spicy food lovers are always looking for hot new ways to spice things up.

If you can’t get enough of hot sauce, you’re in luck! There are several inventive ways to put hot sauce to good use.

Hot sauce use #1: Scrambled eggs

For a morning pick-me-up, fold in a dash of flavor from the hot pepper scale to your scrambled eggs. It’s a good way to start your day off right.

Hot sauce use #2: Salad dressing

If you’re planning on eating light for lunch, try adding some hot sauce to your salad dressing. It works especially well in a vinaigrette.

Hot sauce use #3: Fruit salad

A leafy salad isn’t the only way to use hot sauce. You can also mix it with some syrup, then toss it around in a fruit salad.

Hot sauce use #4: Burgers

By dinnertime you’re probably hungry, so why not add a little hot sauce to your burger. If you don’t want it in your burger, you can mix it in with the onions and use it as a topping.

Hot sauce use #5: Tacos

Another option for dinner is tacos. Add some hot sauce to pulled pork, then dish it up in a tortilla.

Hot sauce use #6: Oysters

It doesn’t have to be a hot meal to be spicy. You can always use a little hot sauce on raw oysters to give them an extra boost.

Hot sauce use #7: Cocktail sauce

If you don’t like oysters, you can try adding some hot sauce to cocktail sauce and use it for a shrimp cocktail.

Hot sauce use #8: Spicy mayo

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Hot sauce can also be used as a spread or a dipping sauce when you mix up a simple, spicy mayo.

Hot sauce use #9: Popcorn

For a late-night snack, you can always melt some hot sauce in with butter to top off a bowl of popcorn.

Hot sauce use #10: Hot chocolate

Hot sauce also works well in hot chocolate, especially on a cold morning or even at night when you want something to drink with a real kick.

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