Choosing the Right Mad Dog Hot Sauce for You

Listen, we love all our Mad Dog hot sauces

It’s difficult for us to say just one is our favorite.

And, to be fair, if there was a single hot sauce that would suit every dish, every occasion, everyone’s heat level, or preferences, we would make it and be done with it.

But there isn’t.

Sometimes you must make tough choices, and if you’re only going to buy a single bottle out of the Mad Dog 357 hot sauce range, this is one of those moments.

So, we’ve put together 2 simple questions to help you make the right choice.

How Hot Is Too Hot?

Many people begin their love affair with super hot sauces when they discover that commercial hot sauces, like the Tabasco or rooster sauces you find at restaurants, just don’t cut it any longer.

If that’s you, don’t be alarmed with your first foray into serious hot sauces makes your face explode. Both sauces carry about 2500 Scoville Heat Units. Our Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce holds 1 million Scoville in each drop.

It’s a hell of a difference.

And, if you’re new to the game, we suggest starting with Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Hot Sauce (50,000 SHUs) or Mad Dog 357 Liquid Fire Hot Sauce (40,000 SHUs). If you can handle the heat, go to town; you’ll love our super hots.

Hot Sauce for Cooking or Condiment?

Mad Dog hot sauces are super versatile; you can use them in recipes or enjoy them as a condiment.

The same can’t be said for extracts. Usually coming in over 1 million Scoville, extracts are pure heat. Besides using them as a party trick, they’re best reserved for cooking – not for use as condiments.

If you’re after condiments, consider the sauces that pair best with your favorite dishes. This easy guide will help you make the right choice.

Planning to cook with your Mad Dog hot sauces? Our recipe blog is constantly updated and brimming with ideas for every meal, snack and party you can imagine. Find a recipe you want to make, grab the hot sauce that goes with it, and move on from there.

By now you should have a good idea which Mad Dog hot sauce is right for you. But, if you still can’t decide, perhaps you should grab a gift pack and spoil yourself with choice. That’s exactly what we do.  

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