Ghost Peppers: the Ultimate Indian Food?

Got a craving for Indian food?

Perhaps it’s a hankering for ghost peppers?

For many, there’s a strong link between the two. You’ll find ghost peppers on hundreds (if not thousands) of menus in Indian restaurants across the United States.

The ghost pepper itself is swiftly increasing in popularity – and you’ll find it in sandwiches and stir-fries at your favorite non-Indian restaurants. You may think it’s a bit of a stretch as ghost peppers are synonymous with Indian cuisine. Except, they’re not; you’ll only find them a tiny part of the northeast of Indian and foods from this region aren’t what you’ll find on the menus at your favorite Indian restaurants.

If you can believe it, ghost peppers aren’t even that well known in Indian cuisine within the country.

Of course, that should hardly stop you from enjoying ghost peppers. Eat them in curries. Eat them on sandwiches. You could even eat them with green eggs and ham if you’re so inclined. Ghost peppers are so damned good that you can enjoy them any which way you like.

But, if it’s Indian food you’re craving, perhaps you want to give these dishes a try. These curries are something to shout about. Each one is perfectly hot and will ease your curry cravings quickly.


While each of these calls for a different Mad Dog hot sauce or chili pepper than the ghost peppers you might have expected, you can certainly switch it up to your liking. You’ll find the differences in the sauces lend themselves to new flavors and the complexities of Indian cuisine. Perhaps you’ll even find that you like it better.

 Need some Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce?

Whether you’re looking for Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, the Pure Ghost Edition or any of the Mad Dog products featured in our favorite Indian recipes, we’ve got you covered.

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