Perfecting Your Bloody Mary (and Why You Should)

There are few things more naturally perfect for dealing with hangovers than a Bloody Mary.

No really; it’s got everything from easily digestible vitamins (tucked deep inside the tomato juice so you don’t even realize it) to the kick up the ass hot sauce that’ll get you through the day.

And, since you’re bound to have another hangover at some point, it’s worth getting it right.

If you need another reason, call it your pre-hangover padding. You probably should start every drinking session with a grand ‘ol glass of Bloody Mary. It’s got the alcohol you need to warn your stomach (and, more importantly, your liver) of the impending strain. Then, again, there are those vitamins. And, they’re super filling, so you’ll actually have something in your stomach when the shots start making rounds.

Plus, let’s be honest, Bloody Marys are freaking delicious.

The funny thing is that people (and by that, we mean almost everyone) get it wrong all the time. They forget the importance of the celery, or they don’t use real hot sauce (meaning, well, you know, anything they would bring you at a family restaurant), or they skip half the important ingredients (though mostly, that only happens on airplanes).

You, on the other hand, are super fly and can’t afford Bloody Mary mistakes. It’s time to get it right – and there’s no time like the present.

For a start, gather all your ingredients and make sure they’re the best damn ingredients you can find. Strangely, the one place to cut corners is the vodka; you can totally cover that with a killer hot sauce (you know we strongly suggest some Mad Dog), a gourmet horseradish and fresh celery. (Okay, we’re not saying you should pick up a sub-par Vodka… we just think that you should think just as highly about your other ingredients.)

Now, add everything to a highball glass (except ice, if you’re using it). Give it a quick stir, then pour it into another glass and back and forth between them three or four times. Add a cube or two of ice to your serving glass, then pour the Bloody Mary over the ice and add in a stalk of celery.


Of course, the ones you make for your hangover will require patience – or that you make a mix in advance. How about both?

If you really need a boost, why not try your Mad Dog Bloody Mary in soup form? Or, better still, as chicken wings?

Want bleeding lips with your Bloody Mary?

You’re only going to get what you want with a bottle of Mad Dog. And, since you’ve already realized that you’re going to have another hangover at some point, you know you’ll need a bottle on hand at all times.

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