Hot sauce can make the hottest food trend even hotter

Just like fashion, food trends are ever-shifting.

Flavors come in and out of style. Cooking styles develop and adjust to new conditions and lifestyles. Dishes work their way around the world.

And sometimes, you find a food trend gains more ground than you thought possible and it becomes part of the landscape of our food lives like fast food, home cooking or TV dinners.

If you didn’t know, plant-based eating is the latest food trend that might just stick. That’s because it’s not rooted in a particular flavor or cooking method. In fact, many people are turning to veganism (that’s what plant-based really means) for ethical or health reasons.

So what is plant-based eating? How hot is it really?

So, you’ve probably heard the word vegan. And, you may have even thought it extreme. How can you manage a healthy diet without meat and dairy?

Yet, with the release of Netflix documentaries (like Cowspiracy) calling for a plant-based diet, it somehow feels like more of a shift towards eating more plants without actually eliminating animal products.

And, perhaps, that’s why this food trend is so big at the moment. It’s big. Vegan meat and dairy substitutes experienced a 20% increase in sales between 2107 and 2018 alone. In fact, sales of vegetarian and vegan products (including, but not limited to substitutes) have grown by roughly 30% every single year since 2008.

That’s very hot.

It’s so hot that it mirrors the growth into hot sauce sales for over the past couple of years. Yep, that hot.

How does hot sauce make this food trend even better?

Hot sauce is a hell of a tool when you’re trying to lose weight because it offers plenty of flavors while boosting your metabolism and tricking your brain into believing you’re fuller faster.

But, when you’re considering making the switch to a plant-based diet (or vegan, if you prefer it to stick with your old-school lingo), hot sauce can be that old familiar friend that still makes everything better. That’s especially true if you’ve just watched a documentary explaining the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and you’re about to launch into an extreme change.

You’ll need some serious hot sauce if you’re into the hottest food trend

And, we’re happy to help with that. Just pick up a new super hot sauce, and the rest will be smooth sailing. Actually, we can’t promise that, but you’re going to love your Mad Dog either way.

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