Socially Distant Holidays Aren’t the Worst Thing (Especially If You’re a Hot Sauce Lover)

Where you travel and who you visit has become a big deal this holiday season. 

But if you’re a hot sauce lover, Social distancing isn’t the worst thing.

No matter what you believe, it’s impossible to miss all the requests for you to stay home this holiday season. Deciding to visit relatives requires a myriad of information, choices and preferences.

But, if you’re a serious hot sauce lover, you might just want to take advantage of a socially distant holiday season. This is why.

Enjoy a Hot Sauce Feast

How often do you get to cook hot sauce right into your favorite dishes without everyone else crying and complaining? You may have tried it once or twice (while whispering the word wimp under your breath), and you may have given up.

This year, you can enjoy all your holiday favorites, and make them as hot as you like. Just think about that for a moment. Scorching stuffing, hot pepper-filled potatoes… sounds good right?

If you’re looking for a reason to remain socially distant, food might just be the excuse you’re looking for.

You’ll Be Crying, But You’re Not Sad

There’s bound to be tears this year. It is 2020, after all. But, your tears don’t need to be those of sadness.

Yeah, we’re going back to the food here. Or, even just having the time off work and the opportunity to play hot sauce tastings on your own at home. There’s no better time.

As a bonus, you won’t have to work up the tears needed to Zoom those in the family you didn’t particularly feel like seeing anyhow.

Enjoying the Holidays Whether You’re Together or Far Apart

Seriously though, hot sauce isn’t the answer to all the world’s problems, though we’d consider it a strong first step. But whether you’re staying home or heading out, we encourage you to stay safe - and to bring a bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce anywhere you go.

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