The Secret Behind the Best Hot Wings Sauce Recipes

What makes the best hot wings?

It’s all in the sauce - and this is what makes them special.

You know what we’re talking about, right? It’s the sauce that makes you continue grabbing wing after wing and chewing away long after you’re full. And there are a couple secrets to the best hot wings sauces.

Here’s the inside scoop behind the sauce.

Secret #1: It’s Not Just the Hot Sauce

The universal secret behind the best hot wings sauces isn’t the sauce at all. It’s butter. Yes, butter makes all the difference. It helps the hot sauce cling to the fried outer layer of the chicken. It also adds that touch of creaminess that contrasts ever so wonderfully with the heat of the peppers in the sauce and the crispiness of the skin.

And this is good news for anyone desperate to replicate their favorite hot wings at home; butter is as easy to come by as chicken wings.

Secret #2: It’s All About the Hot Sauce

But, it’s also all about the hot sauce when it comes to hot wings. Otherwise they’d be, well, just chicken wings. And that’s not what you’re after, is it?

And this is also where it gets tricky. How do you know what makes the best hot wings sauce? You don’t. The hot sauce chooses you. And that means you need to try hot sauce after hot sauce until you find the right mix.

But, let’s be honest, that’s not really a big ask, is it? It’s more a question of how many wings you can eat in a day.

Make Your Own Hot Wings at Home

Looking for great hot wings recipes? We can totally help you out with that - no matter what type of wings you’re looking for. Give any of these a try to take your hot wings to the next level - even while staying home:

Mad Bat Wings
Hot Buttery Garlic Wings
Wicked Bloody Mary Wings
Reaper and Maple Bacon Wings
Mad Dog Boneless Chicken Wings
Wicked Wing Slider Sandwiches

And, when you’ve chosen the recipes you’ll try this weekend, head over HERE to get the Mad Dog Hot Sauces you’ll need for the best damn hot wings sauces on the planet.

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