This Will Be the Biggest BBQ Summer Yet (With Help from Mad Dog Hot Sauce)

This Will Be the Biggest BBQ Summer Yet

(With Help from Mad Dog Hot Sauce)

The Coronavirus Pandemic, whatever your personal thoughts on it are, has changed the way we do things. Even if you’ve made minimal adjustments to your lifestyle, most people around you have.

And that’s why this one will be the biggest backyard BBQ summer of all time.

Seriously, backyard barbecues are going to be the highlight – and Mad Dog hot sauces will help make each one even better.

What Makes This Summer Different from All the Others?

People are looking for ways to limit contact from those outside of their bubble. They don’t necessarily want to spend their day in long lines with hundreds of people they don’t know. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have any fun; they just want to do it differently than they usually would.

And backyard barbecues offer several advantages:

  • Backyards, however small, offer open spaces and fresh air. That’s a hell of a lot safer than hanging out in air-conditioned bars and restaurants when you want to see your friends.
  • These are private affairs, you’re not expecting uninvited strangers to rock up with a pack of hamburger patties, ready to burst that protective bubble you’ve built. Sure, it’s not the same as riding roller coasters, but it cuts the risk.
  • They’re cheaper. Well, usually. Typically speaking, cooking your own is less expensive than going out for food. With so many feeling a financial pinch, anything that cuts costs is a winner.

Mad Dog Will Make Your Backyard BBQ Even Better

Here’s the thing with BBQs, even when everyone brings their best party dish, not everyone loves everything available. That’s one reason why we (as a society) love socializing at restaurants; everyone can choose whatever flavors or dishes spark their epicurean interests.

When you’re in your backyard (or someone else’s), you’re sort of stuck with whatever is in front of you. Well, you would be if it weren’t for condiments. Hot sauces, mustards, relishes… these are all elements we use to provide distinct flavors we know and love to our foods.

And, as any good chili head will tell you, this is the most critical aspect of communal eating. Without a little Mad Dog hot sauce on the table, it’s just meat and salads, not the culinary fiery feast it could be.

With so many backyard barbecues stretching out in front of you, isn’t it time you stepped up to the plate to make the most of this BBQ-laden summer? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

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