Mad Dog Inferno Heats Up Scoville Scale

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At Ashley Food Company:  Fancy food distributor David Ashley of Dedham, Mass., claims his Mad Dog Inferno is the hottest bottled sauce in the world.  An independent test shows Mad Dog measured more than 112,000 points on the Scoville heat scale, he says, while the hottest habanero sauce rated just under 12,000 points.  In addition to being dangerously hot, Mr. Ashley says his complex sauce begins with a sweet, unsulphured molasses base, with red wine vinegar, two kinds of cloves and “the very best” Caribbean spices.  (We’re afraid to even open the bottle, so we’ll take his word for it.) $4.99 to $6.75 per 5-ounces.  Order Mad Dog Inferno by calling (800) 617-2823, or from the Mo-Hotta-Mo-Betta catalog: (800) 462-3220.

Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday, August 2, 1998

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