Fiery Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bars

Chili and chocolate are natural best friends.

You can always find an excuse to mix the two together. And, this super simple recipe is just about the perfect gift for a chili head that loves chocolate too. You can make as many chocolate bars as you like.

This recipe will still take less than five minutes of your time!

Mad Dog Scorpion Pepper Pods
Chocolate candy bars

Use kitchen shears to cut small (almost tiny) slices of the Mad Dog Scorpion Pepper Pods and set aside.

Place the chocolate bars on a microwave-safe plate lined with baking paper. Place plate in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds. Check to see if the chocolate has softened, without melting. If the chocolate needs more time, continue giving it 10 seconds at a go. (Trying to hasten the process usually just leads to melted chocolate.)

When chocolate is softened, press the Mad Dog Scorpion Pepper Pod slices into the top of the chocolate, scattering them to distribute the heat evenly. Still on the plate, place the chocolate slab in the freezer and allow it to set. When solid again, wrap in foil and present with love… and a warning.

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